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Best Cloud Computing Consulting Services

The advanced Cloud Consulting Services offered by Sparsh are helping enterprises in the IT industry to embrace digital transformation and improve productivity. Backed by a team of skilled cloud experts, at Sparsh, we specialize in delivering highly-effective and reliable cloud computing services that not just help enterprises in lowering costs and reducing the time-to-market but also help them gain a competitive edge and take revolutionary leaps forward. The best-in-class Cloud Computing Consulting Services that we offer focus on maximizing ROI and profits and can completely transform our client’s business and help steer ahead in the competition.

The state-of-the-art Cloud Consulting Solutions that we offer help businesses achieve agility and make them more profitable. Being one of the Best Cloud Consulting Companies, we make businesses achieve unprecedented growth and success by helping them make the right decisions regarding cloud adoption.


Cloud Computing Offerings by Sparsh

Get the best experts consulting solutions in deploying, designing, and maintaining Cloud systems and leverage the power of the cloud to the full potential with Sparsh. We offer tailored solutions as per the client’s specific business needs.


Cloud Application Development

We design, launch, and help organizations maintain their applications on the cloud and help them reap the benefits of hosting their services in the cloud like agility, flexibility, data security, data integrity, and more. Our data analytical specialists make use of tried-and-tested methods of AI implementations that can yield potential results and help in achieving the specific organizational goals and objectives at the earliest.


Cloud Integration

Integrating various systems, tools, applications, processes, and platforms with the Cloud is no longer a difficult task and can be done hassle-free with our smart Cloud integration solutions. Take the advantage of real-time data exchange, data security, cross-platform accessibility, and more benefits with our cloud integration services tailored to your specific business needs.


Cloud Security

If your business deals with sensitive data and is looking to migrate to the cloud due to its robust security process, then our Cloud Security consultants can help you in the best possible way. By evaluating your existing processes we suggest the best, most formidable Cloud security solutions that best fit your organization’s cloud security needs.


Azure Consulting

Azure is considered as the second most in-demand cloud computing platform which is developed and managed by the Microsoft foundation. If you are planning to design, develop, migrate and maintain Cloud applications on the Azure platform, then our Azure Consulting Solutions would be the right choice for you. We help reap the full benefits of Azure cloud capabilities.


AWS Consulting

Amazon Web Services is currently the leading cloud service provider that provides on-demand customized, and scalable Cloud computing solutions to enterprises and individual needs. With AWS consulting solutions offered by Sparsh, you can securely migrate your business into the cloud and launch apps, APIs, and processes based on the amazing AWS features.


Our Cloud Computing Service Process

As one of the Best Cloud Consulting Companies, we at Sparsh help organizations transform their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Computing Services. With our full-scale robust cloud solutions, we help businesses successfully embrace digital transformation and steer ahead towards success. Here’s an overview of our methodology of Cloud computing:

Evaluation of Legacy Systems

Our expert cloud computing consultants evaluate your existing IT systems and processes and identify the problems that are hindering your business growth. We identify the loopholes in your existing legacy systems, and we also get a clear picture of your employee preferences and the overall business goals and objectives.

Cloud Architecture and Planning

Having attained a clear idea about your business needs, IT requirements, and the major loopholes in the existing IT systems, we play and identify the optimal cloud system that best fits your ever-changing business needs. We take multiple aspects into consideration like employee skill levels, expenditure, downtime, ROI, and other factors.

Cloud Execution and Deployment

In this phase, our expert cloud consultants initiate cloud deployment & execution with a prime focus on profit maximization, ROI. Irrespective of the scale of cloud deployment either entire business operations are converted into the cloud or only a part of IT operations is converted into the cloud, we strictly ensure that downtime experienced would be as minimal as possible.

Post Cloud Support and Training

After deploying the cloud infrastructure, we extend round-the-clock expert support to ensure seamless transformation. If needed, we also train your employees on how to handle the new systems and help them get back to being productive within a short time span.


Why Choose Sparsh for Cloud Consulting Solutions

Being a pioneer Cloud Consulting Company, we at Sparsh deliver the entire gamut of cloud services encompassing the public, private and hybrid cloud types. Our expert cloud solutions aren’t limited to any one particular industry and can be benefited by companies across the industry verticals like IT, Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Retail, Finance, Travel, Banking, and more. We offer a full-spectrum of cloud computing consulting services like

  • Strategy Consulting Services
  • Application Development Consulting Services
  • Maintenance and Security Consulting Services
  • Cloud Migration Consulting Services
  • Disaster Recovery Management Consulting Services
  • Monitoring Consulting Services
  • Infrastructure Management Consulting Services
  • Cloud Modernization Consulting Services

Harness the power of the cloud & get superior quality performance with cloud computing consulting services offered by Sparsh
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