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Robotic Process Automation in Banking Industry

RPA bots answer all repetitive tasks in the banking industry such as loan processing, fraud identification, account closure, compliance, KYC, report automation, etc. RPA bots are easy to deploy, and it integrates with existing legacy systems. The full spectrum of intelligent RPA in banking solutions offered by Sparsh helped many clients across the Globe.

By Deploying custom RPA bots in the Banking industry we automate the below-mentioned mundane back office operations:


Mortgage Processing

In the banking industry, the process of approving mortgage loans has been speeded up by RPA. Our advanced RPA solutions streamlines the mortgage approval process, which speeds up the approval time for banks.


Report Automation

RPA bots are the future of financial reporting. They provide banks with an easy, cost-effective way to gather and organize information to prepare a financial report from various sources.


KYC Process

RPA is revolutionizing how banks do the KYC process. RPA enables the collection, screening, and validation of customer information automatically in less time by eliminating potential human errors during the KYC verification process.


Fraud Detection

Robotic Process Automation in the banking industry utilizes algorithms to identify fraudulent transactions, flag them, and pass them on to the proper departments.


Account Closure Process

The account closure process can be tedious and time-consuming, but with robotic process automation, it becomes simple. Automated reminders are sent out if customers have not furnished the required proof by a specific date. RPA bots are capable of handling account closure requests by customers based on specific rules.


Customer Service

Customer service is of paramount importance in banking. By deploying RPA bots, banks can handle many basic customer queries so that your staff can focus on more complex issues.


Sparsh RPA Implementation in the Banking Industry

Sparsh RPA implementation in the banking industry starts from strategy creation, implementation, and maintenance.

  • Identify opportunities to employ robotic process
    automation to streamline your day-to-day
    banking operations.
  • RPA bots Development and deployment
  • Streamlining Business Processes
  • RPA bot maintenance and software updates

Stimulate your banking operations
performance with our custom RPA solutions.
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