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Robotics Process Automation in Education

The modern RPA solutions offered by Sparsh are playing a crucial role in improving the efficiency and productivity of educational institutions. Our full spectrum of solutions for RPA in Education helps in automating tasks, which are rule-based, repetitive, and time-consuming. By carefully analyzing our client’s institutional functioning and its processes, we develop software solutions that not only eliminate the burden of paperwork but also streamline processes like admission, attendance, scheduling meetings, mailing, assignment, grades, Admin, Finance, etc.

If you wish to free up your staff from the burden of performing monotonous tasks and engage them in other critical works, then look no further beyond solutions of RPA in Education Industry offered by Sparsh.


RPA Solutions in Education offered by Sparsh:

Our superior quality services of Robotics Process Automation in Education industry can streamline academic, non-academic, and all other functional processes and deliver higher returns in a matter of no time. We specialize in streamlining the following process in the educational industry

Course Registration, Shortlisting & Enrolment Process

Our automation solutions can streamline the process of checking students’ eligibility criteria, validate information, shortlist candidates, and other enrolment processes that would consume a lot of time if performed manually.

Attendance Management

Our automation solutions help in better and faster attendance management by streamlining the process of sending automated notifications and reports to parents and students.

IT Operations

IT operations would often become a hectic task and consume a lot of time and this can be totally avoided with RPA solutions. A lot of time-consuming tickets like password reset, unlock accounts, reboot systems, restart service, install updates, monitor alerts, etc can be dealt with ease through automation.

Meeting Schedules & Timetable Updates

Automation solutions streamline the process of notifying students and faculty about meetings, events and sending updates regarding the same and save a lot of time.

Human resources, Admin, Finance

Our automation solutions can streamline most of the mundane tasks involving human resources, admin, and finance professionals like payroll processing, vendor management, inventory management, and many more.


Chabots are very efficient when it comes to streamlining the students’ interaction process for general queries related to admission schedule, admission process, course information, etc.


Benefits of Sparsh RPA Implementation in Education Industry:

Our RPA in Education solutions are tailored around the needs of our client’s organization and contribute to long-term success. Our services ranging from strategy creation and implementation all the way to maintenance can deliver several benefits like

  • Improved customer experience
  • Better management capabilities
  • No Coding required for implementation
  • Improving efficiency & cost Savings
  • Increased compliance

Start focusing on strategy development and other primary objectives by streamlining the mundane tasks with RPA in Education solutions by Sparsh.
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