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Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Implementing Robotic Process Automation in the healthcare industry offers an unrivalled opportunity to reshape the practice of healthcare. RPA helps the healthcare specialists to offer better service for patients by automating repetitive tasks such as patient enrolment, scheduling appointments, billing and claims processing and clinical documentation.


RPA Use Cases


Medical Claims and Billing Process

RPA is a powerful tool for healthcare companies. It automatically processes claims from various sources and makes rules-based decisions with accuracy, saving time for human workers who would otherwise do the same task over again.


Patient Information Enrolment

Robotic process automation in healthcare is an innovative approach that helps capture patient information at the service point. It accurately updates your revenue cycle management system resulting in increased clean claim transmission and timely reimbursement for services.


Health Records Digitization

Healthcare providers can use RPA to digitize patient health records, allowing them to share information seamlessly across different systems and offer patients more care in the process.


Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Healthcare providers use RPA to receive data on patient coverage, out-of-network benefits and other insurance information. It helps them submit clean claims while avoiding claim resubmission, saving time in processing paperwork for reimbursement of care rendered; reducing rejections/denials, so insurers pay upfront.


Compliance and Regulatory

RPA technology is essential for improving regulations and governance in healthcare. Automated processes automatically generate the reports an auditor needs to see while eliminating human error, which helps improve compliance rates overall!


Sparsh RPA Implementation in the Healthcare Industry

With our custom RPA solutions, we can tailor a plan that is perfect for your healthcare business. Our services range from strategy creation and implementation all the way to maintenance!

  • Identify Robotic Process Automation opportunities across your day to day operations
  • Design and deployment of RPA bots
  • Streamline Business Processes and Automate
  • Bot Performance Monitoring and Software Upgrade Process

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