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Robotic Process Automation Solutions in Insurance Industry

In a world where the insurance industry is constantly grappling with mundane tasks, software robots deployed by Sparsh are programmed to perform repetitive tasks tirelessly, quickly, and accurately. At Sparsh, we support our clients with full-cycle services of Robotics Process Automation in Insurance to emulate transactional and clerical tasks with streamlined processes business strategy while reducing additional costs

Below are the few areas where we offer custom RPA solutions in the insurance industry to mundane tasks.


Claims Processing

Insurance companies automate their claims processing using RPA technology into the system. RPA in insurance reduces human error, increases accuracy in decision-making.


Registration form handling

RPA automates insurance processing by interpreting registration forms with accuracy, reducing backlogs and increasing data quality.


Policy Administration

RPA in the insurance industry allows companies to automate repetitive back-end procedures such as accounting, settlements, risk capture, credit control, tax, and regulatory compliance.


Fraud Detection Solution

RPA bots reduce risks by identifying frauds using data efficiently. This is done by analyzing unusual patterns and suspicious activities.



RPA in underwriting helps enterprises in the insurance industry to cut down their operational costs and enhance the efficiency of insurance underwriting. It also reduces turnaround time, so there is less to worry about when processing claims.


Customer Support

Automation in the insurance industry, RPA bots help to address service requests in real-time. RPA bots can quickly aggregate customer and product information, enhancing employee collaboration, and it allows insurance agents to increase policyholder retention rates by efficiently handling repetitive tasks.


Sparsh RPA Implementation in the Insurance Industry

With our custom solutions for Robotic Process Automation in Insurance, we can tailor your insurance company’s needs to fit any size. Take a look at our RPA offerings are mentioned below:

  • Identifying Automation Opportunities
  • Design & create RPA bots
  • Streamline Business Processes and Automate
  • RPA Bot performance monitoring and software upgrade process

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